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volandorentcar.com rents the vehicle subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. The lessee is considered informed of the content. It is our intention that all terms be collected here. Please read it carefully and if you do not understand or agree with any of the points, please let us know before accepting it.

Delivery and Return

volandorentcar.com delivers the vehicle in good general condition and in working order and free from apparent defects. You agree to return it in the same condition with all documents, parts, and accessories in the place, on the date, and at the hours indicated in this contract. Any alteration must be previously authorized by volandorentcar.com.

volandorentcar.com may repossess the vehicle at any time without prior notice and at its own expense if the vehicle is used in breach of the provisions of this contract.

We reserve the right to cancel the delivery of the vehicle due to the vehicle’s history of non-payment or serious incidents with volandorentcar.com.

Vehicle Use

The lessee undertakes to use the vehicle in accordance with the rules of the traffic code. In addition, you must keep it in good condition, ensure that it remains locked when not in use, use the correct fuel, and activate the security mechanisms installed if necessary. It is expressly prohibited and, therefore, considered a breach of contract:

(a) Subleasing the vehicle.

(b) Transporting goods.

(c) Pushing or towing any vehicle, trailer, or other object.

(d) Participating in races, rallies, tests, or other similar competitions.

(e) Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that affects consciousness or reaction capacity.

(f) Committing any type of offense against road safety.

(g) Driving the vehicle by unauthorized persons listed on the front of the contract. In such cases, you are also responsible for the vehicle in accordance with this contract.

(h) If you do not meet the minimum requirements stipulated in our current rate list regarding age (min 20 years) and possession of a valid and original driving license (min 2 years).

(k) Driving in restricted areas: airport runways and associated areas, roads unsuitable for circulation (suitable roads include public domain, garages or parking lots, and private ones not intended for industrial or agricultural use). Prohibited or dangerous areas (beaches, canyons, mountains, etc…), unpaved roads, and other roads that may damage the tires or the underside of the vehicle.

Fines, Penalties, Tow Truck Service, and management expenses such as immobilization of the vehicle for traffic offenses or violations of Laws, Regulations, or Ordinances, wheel breakages, tires, and gasoline are the responsibility of the lessee.

Rental Charges

The lessee agrees to pay the rental price according to the current rate and taxes, insurance (as specified in point 4), delay in returning the vehicle (from 59 minutes after the scheduled time), consumed fuel, refueling, additional charges such as:

  • Delivery at the airport (corresponding rate)
  • Loss of additional accessories and documents (corresponding rate)
  • Delivery at private parking lots (corresponding rate)
  • Replacement of keys (corresponding rate)
  • Vehicle cleaning due to excessive dirt (corresponding rate)


The tenant must take the following measures in case of an accident:

a) Obligation to immediately report any traffic accident, loss, damage, or theft to Volando Rent a Car S.R.L and the police.

b) Do not acknowledge or prejudge the responsibility for the incident.

c) Obtain complete information from the other party, which will be promptly forwarded to volandorentcar.com. The tenant is obliged to cooperate with us and our insurance company in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings. Failure to comply with this request will result in the nullification of all accepted and paid coverages.


The lessor will be responsible for expenses incurred during the lease for greasing, oil changes, water, and minor repairs (excluding punctures) up to a maximum of 10€. These expenses must be justified with appropriate receipts or invoices. Prior authorization from the lessor is essential to carry out repairs or tow the vehicle.

Our responsibility

Volando Rent a Car S.R.L declares to have taken the necessary precautions to prevent mechanical failures of the vehicle. In the event that they occur, we take responsibility for the damages suffered by you in case of death or injuries. The lessor assumes no responsibility for the damages that may directly or indirectly cause to the tenant as a result of fortuitous failures or breakdowns.


  • Minimum age for renting vehicles is 20 years and driver’s license must be at least 2 years old.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Second driver at no additional charge.
  • Airport delivery: Minimum 3 days.

Child Restraint Systems

volandorentcar.com will provide baby seats, boosters, and other approved supplements to customers upon request. The personnel of Volando Rent a Car S.R.L is not authorized to install such systems. Therefore, the tenant will always be responsible for the assembly and attachment of these accessories inside the vehicle, as well as ensuring that the children’s ages correspond to each child restraint system. volandorentcar.com is exempt from any liability for damages and/or harm that the user of such systems may suffer.

Personal Data

Regarding the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data you have provided will be processed and included automatically in our files for the sole purpose of carrying out activities related to our business. volandorentcar.com guarantees the confidentiality and proper use of the information and will adopt the necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure it.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at volandorentcar@gmail.com.

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