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Columbus Lighthouse Santo Domingo

Columbus Lighthouse Santo Domingo

If you’re planning a family trip to Santo Domingo, you cannot miss the impressive Faro de Colón. This historic icon is one of the city’s most prominent tourist destinations and offers a unique experience for all ages.

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A Brief History of Faro de Colón

The Faro de Colón, also known as the Monument to Columbus, was built in honor of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. It was erected in 1992 to commemorate the fifth centenary of the discovery of America and as a tribute to Columbus’s legacy in Dominican history.

This imposing monument, located in Parque del Este in Santo Domingo, has become one of the city’s main symbols.

Architecture and Design

The design of the Faro de Colón is impressive and unique. The cylindrical structure, reaching a height of 210 meters, is composed of panels of pink and black granite.

Inside, it houses a series of halls and galleries that pay homage to the different countries of the American continent. Additionally, it features 16 panoramic elevators that allow visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the city and the Caribbean Sea.

Exhibitions and Displays

The Faro de Colón hosts a variety of exhibitions and displays that provide detailed information about the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus.

You can explore thematic rooms showcasing historical artifacts, maps, paintings, and models of the ships used by Columbus on his expeditions. You can also admire the crypt where the remains of the famous explorer are purportedly laid to rest.

Exploring the Gardens

The gardens surrounding the Faro de Colón are a perfect place to relax and enjoy with your family. Here, you will find beautiful green areas, fountains, and sculptures representing important moments in American history.

Strolling through these gardens allows you to appreciate the beauty of the architecture and enjoy a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

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Visiting the Faro de Colón is a wonderful experience to enjoy with your family during your stay in Santo Domingo. From its impressive architecture to the informative exhibitions, there is something for everyone at this incredible monument.

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